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Best new place to the Ocean Twp area! Phenomenal coaches that become friends for life. Def check them out!


Kings Fitness has wonderful, caring, and supportive coaches. They are helping me reach my crossfit goals!


The coaches at this gym help me get back into fighting shape!

Athlete of the


Matt Zeigler

Why do you do Train?

Initially my motivation came from wanting to get into shape to match my wife who had been working out daily for a long period of time, as well as to keep up with my children who were growing and becoming much more active.  As a former collegiate athlete I had let myself become sedentary and heavy. However, after two years now my motivation comes from pushing my own results and attempting to continually lift heavier and move faster.  Having the platform of CrossFit to be able to continuously compare your current effort with past results motivates me daily. 


Favorite Movement:

This is a trick question.  I think you need to pick a strength & cardio movement.  They’re just so different.  For strength, I have to choose the DeadLift.  For centuries its just the benchmark for how strong someone is.  The answer to that question is, “What can you lift off the ground?”.  For cardio it’s a toss up between running and rowing, and I’ll choose the rower.  The constant chase of beating my time on 500m and 1000m splits is addicting.  Shaving a few seconds is ever so satisfying.  Bonus answer: You didn’t ask, but my least favorite movement is a burpee, the devil concocted that movement and you can never convince me otherwise.


What makes you stay at Kings Fitness?

Well, I can’t say any member has had the pleasure to “stay” at Kings yet, but I am happy that Kings has opened and the membership is growing.  I have been trained by Coach Ant & Coach Murph before, and also trained with and competed at an event with them.  They are both knowledgeable and very genuine with their enjoyment of coaching and their own fitness.  Good people attract good people, and that is what I’ve seen happening at Kings in the early stages.  The classes I’ve attended have all had motivated members taking their fitness seriously and putting in the work to achieve their personal goals.  That energy in a gym/box is infectious.


Future Goals:

Abs before the age of 40???  That may be a pipe dream, but my current goals are a 500# DL, 250# Clean, and a 275# Bench Press.  I know that last one isn’t much of a CrossFit movement, and I still take offense to that.


Advice for newbies?

I’ve only been a “CrossFitter” for a little over two years, so I’m not much of an authority to give advice.  But if I were it would be the same commitment I forced of myself when I started.  Committ to a month of CrossFit and get to class more days in that month than you don’t (so at least 16 days out of 30).  At that point you will have enough exposure to the movements and the flow of the workouts to know if CrossFit is for you.  If you don’t hold yourself accountable to give the programs an honest effort you are not getting a true experience of what CrossFit can do for your health and fitness. 


Tell us a fun fact or something you do outside of CrossFit?

I have three wonderful children, two of which are twin boys that also LOVE the CrossFit kids programs (and a younger daughter who will soon).  They are almost as good of a workout keeping up with as the daily WOD.


Words from Matt:

Do your best to be a better version of yourself today than your were yesterday.  Your own definition of success is always better than that of others.