• Product Manager

    This is a 6 month contract for those who are ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle. This provides our cheapest rates per class.

  • Art Director

    This is a 3 month contract to unlimited access to all of our fitness classes offered.

  • Head of Sales

    This monthly unlimited contract is perfect for anyone who wants to take advantage of our group personal training classes.

  • Product Manager

    We are always offering something for our Kings Kids! Click below to see offers about our Summer program or regularly scheduled kids classes during the school year.

  • Product Manager

    Dropping in? Join The Pride for a day for $20 or buy a T-Shirt.

  • Product Manager

    Our 8 class pass is great for members looking to dabdle in our group personal training classes. This pass expires in 3 months.

6 Month Unlimited 

$135 Month

3 Month Unlimited 

$145 Month

Monthly Unlimited 

$155 Month

Drop In $20

$140  Month

Kings Cubs Kids

8 Class Pass


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