Kings Endurance focuses on training for long bouts of physical activity and you can expect exercises like running, rowing, or biking to be involved. Looking to run a 5k or take on a triathlon? this class is for you!

We understand that everyone starts somewhere. Kings Intro classes are 1-on-1 with a coach or held with a small group all within the same fitness level. These classes will ease you into our other classes and help bring out your inner athlete!

CrossFit is one of our main offerings and is a full body workout that constantly challenges athletes in new ways. Because it is all-encompassing Kings Fitness recommends everyone try it before choosing one of our specialty classes.

Weightlifting consists of two movements, the Snatch & Clean and Jerk. Both require you to take a barbell from the floor to overhead. Although created in the 19th century it still remains as one of the best training modalities for explosive strength. Kings Fitness is a registered USAW club.

Youth fitness is very important to us at Kings. Children ages 6 and up can expect to develop crucial physical skills that will help build a strong foundation for any exercise they choose to pursue later in life. 

Kings Fitness offers off-site swim instructed by our specialized coach. Currently offered Tuesdays and Thursdays in Tinton Falls. 


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