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On Saturday October 14th 2023 we'll kick off Breast Cancer Awareness month with an epic throwdown! 4 workouts, three divisions, and 1 cause. Asbury Park CrossFit is hosting their second annual Women's Only Comp and a portion of the proceeds will be going to a local charity of your choosing.

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35lb DB Movements

Box Jumps 24'

Clean and Jerk 105lbs

Snatch 85lbs

Toes To Bar

Chest To Bar Pull-ups

Double -Unders


25lb DB Movements

Box Step Ups 20'

Clean and Jerk 85lbs

Snatch 65lbs

Snatch 55lbs

Toes to Bar


Double -Unders


25lb DB Movements

Step - Ups

Clean and Jerk 75lbs

Snatch 55lbs

Knees to Chest

Ring Rows

Single - unders

Women Owned Businesses... CHECK IN

Created by one of the owners of Asbury Park Fitness; Sarah Murphy, this women's only competition will not only raise funds for Breast Cancer but will also highlight women-owned businesses. Celebrating our strength together. Each year a portion of the proceeds will go to a different foundation or individual in need and will be highlighted as our official "Babe" of the year.  If you're a female-owned business looking to play a role in our event. Click the link below.

In the words of Shania Twain, "let's go girls."

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