Head Coach / Personal trainer

Paul Faulman

"Health is a conscious lifestyle choice necessary for longevity and happiness"

A certified trainer since 2014 whose experience and knowledge have made him an expert in the health and fitness industry. Paul holds various certifications in personal training, in addition to Olympic lifting.  Coach Paul is known for his ability to advise individuals on the correct method of exercise. Paul has also worked closely with individuals who have a history of injury. His experience working closely with Physical Therapists has equipped him with the knowledge and ability to not only teach athletes correct body movements but recognized athletes specific strengths and weakness. His unique eye and passion for coaching is a valuable asset that will help you reach your goals.


Sarah Murphy

"You deserve more than a gym, you deserve a community fully invested in helping you achieve your goals"

"Murphs" coaching experience started in her home town assisting in the building of the local Field Hockey recreation program. After playing the sport for six years she began participating in CrossFit in 2013 and eventually became a coach again. Sarah started out by creating a kids program in addition to coaching and training adults. Her passion for helping others eventually led her to open up a gym with her training partner. As an athlete Sarah participates in  local competitions such as Triathlons, Spartan Races, and other competitive events. When participating in the New Jersey State Triathlon in 2019 Sarah earned the title of New Jersey State Champ in her division by placing first.

Olympic Lifting Coach

Joe Francalancia

"Let's get ready to throw around some steel."

Coach Joe Francalancia  began his journey into fitness at Equity Strength and Fitness located in Elkton Maryland in 2013, there he learned to love the sport of fitness and grew especially fond of the Olympic Weightlifting aspect of it. In 2014 he not only received his CrossFit L1 certificate, but also became a USAW L1 coach. Coach Joe relocated back to New Jersey to create the Caldwell Barbell Club. While coaching at CBBC, Joe hosted mock meets for the members and even hosted an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar for the members of Chronos CrossFit. After a short time at CrossFit Caldwell, Joe decided to relocate once more to the beautiful Jersey Shore and to Kings Fitness!

Coach / Personal trainer

Coral Mags

Coach Coral started out in the fitness world in 2004, taking her first CrossFit class in 2015. She went on to explore the world of OCR, (Obstacle Course Racing) and ran competitively for a few years. Specificity training for different sports and became a fitness professional. Coral began her coaching and personal training career in 2018. Holding Certifications in  Personal Training, Group Fitness, Sports Nutrition & Weight loss, and is also a Corrective Exercise Specialist.  Coach Coral is also a competitive  Power lifter and has gone on to win 2 Gold Medals in the 72kg M1 Division. 

Coach / Personal trainer

Kieran Walsh

Coach Kieran Walsh has been doing CrossFit for 4 years now, playing Rugby for 7 years and have been coaching Rugby for 2 years. His experience comes from years of just working hard and always willing to try new things. New movements, new activities and new opotunities. Kieran has traveled internationally to explore the sport of Rugby and CrossFit. 

Coach /Personal trainer

John Stoble

John was introduced to CrossFit by a friend in 2013. When He took his first-class and that was it, he was hooked. After a few local competitions early on he realized how CrossFit is for anyone that walks through the door. Soon after, John decided it was time to educate himself and started perusing CrossFit certifications. Over the next few years, he transitioned all of his personal training clients into CrossFit methodology. He currently holds

•Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

•CrossFit Gymnastics Cert

•CrossFit Kids Certificate

•Crossfit Open Judge

•American Red Cross CPR / AED